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I think that search engines are great but we need to becareful when we deal with them. A search engine means my second half in myprofessional life. I am this kind of person who spends much time surfing thenet and searching for information and other technical stuff that are related toteaching and education. It is obvious that search engines help teachers,students and educational in general. The site I use is iSEEK and I think it isa very good engine. It is smooth and easy to be used . What I like about it isthe good result that I end up with. If you type the word ¬?Grammar¬? for example,you will be directed to a website that helps you and gives you different titlesthat are related to grammar. I searched about the following: videos that helpmy students and I, listening, quizzes and skills for a TOEFL class. I do highlyrecommend this site for my colleagues and my students because it is rich withits resources and materials for all. I will use this site with my studentasking them to search about certain title. In higher level, my students at theuniversity I will ask them search about some English writers, English historyand etc. In the intermediate level I will ask them to search about some grammarpoints or power point presentations. I will also put them in pairs and ask themto go the lab and surf iSEEK and come and report it to each other. I might findsome disadvantages when students use it without clear instructions. Sometimesstudents may waste time while surfing the website. It requires much time whenthere is no time management while searching. Students may get lost whilesurfing. The Advantages of using this search engine is gaining a lot ofinformation. Attracting students to keep on their search and learn new ideasthat are related to the lesson presented.

Abdulsalam Al-Makradi


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