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  Wonderful city with two rivers     By: Adel A. Al-Haddad


Jiblah is one of the historical cities of Ibb province. It lies on the western-south of Ibb city about six Km. it situated on the middle of Yemen between Sana'a and Aden, acting as a central point for ruling Yemen by the Sulayhi State. It was built by the prince Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sulayhi in 485 A.H (1066 A.D). Jiblah name was attributable to a Jewish man was a potter worked in Jiblah, his name was Jebilah.

Queen Arwa's historical landmarks:

iblah city has many historical landmarks and rare ruins still remain yet that have witnessed on Queen Arwa's role in enhancing Yemeni civilization with many wonderful antiquities. Such as, the palace of Al-Mu'ez, Queen Arwa mosque and its library and the old market of Jiblah. It has all facilities in which tourists can enjoy themselves and arouse their admiration. So many tourists visit Jiblah every day in particular in the summery days for seeing wonderful landscapes and architectural landmarks that can be seen everywhere

Queen Arwa mosque:

Queen Arwa was interested in strengthening her state by spreading knowledge, science and information, especially; religious sciences. She built many mosques and small schools for teaching the Holy Qur'an and Arabic language. She built a grand mosque which was named in her name after she passed away and to be as an evidence of her great role in building Yemen in the medieval ages and a symbol of her wisdom. Queen Arwa mosque still remains till today. It was built in the middle of Jiblah city in order to all locals can join easily for prayers, especially; Friday's prayer. The mosque has two long, decorative minarets, one is called the western minaret and the other is called the southern minaret. There are many verses of the Holy Qur'an inscribed on mosque's walls in beautiful design. Besides, the mosque's door was made of good wood which inlayed with some verses of the Holy Qur'an. Generally speaking, the whole mosque looks like an attractive pearl of the architectural magnificence. It is the most remaining landmark of Quenn Arwa forever. So, locals prefer to prayer Fridays in Queen Arwa mosque.

Library of Queen Arwa mosque:

Queen Arwa mosque contains on wealthy library full of rare manuscript books about Islam and Arabic language. The library contains on a manuscript of the Holy Qur'an was written creatively since more than 700 years ago. She encouraged woman's education; so; we can find many manuscript books were written by educated woman. Therefore; Jiblah city is called the city of knowledge, information and science. It acted as information and knowledge sources for knowledge students and researchers in the medieval ages.

Qaser Al-Mu'ez:

Qaser Al-Mu'ez (Palace of Al-Mu'ez) was the palace in which Queen Arwa settled down and issued her political decisions. The palace was contained of 365 rooms as a number of year days. It is said that Queen Arwa was slept every night in different room in order to avoid any attack, if any, because attackers will not know which a room she will sleep. Most parts of the palace were removed, but its ruins have witnessed on architectural heritage of the Sulayhi State. By the way, the palace had a secret, long hole joined the palace with Al-Ta'ker castle which was used for an emergency.

Charitable lady:

Charitable lady is one of titles which attached to Queen Arwa, however; the most famous title is Al-Saidh Arwa (lady Arwa). Queen Arwa reputed with her love for charity. She bestowed many lands for charity in which its income are sponsored for mosques maintenances and for poor people. For example, Salbat Al-Saidh Arwa is one of the largest lands for charity and for helping deprived people. The land lies in Ibb city; it is very large and was used for feeding cows, sheep, etc. But most parts of the land are now replaced with new modern building such as Ibb University.

The queen Arwa was born in 444 A.H and died in 532 A.H. She ruled Yemen after her husband died for 55 years full of great achievements and everlasting deeds. So; she deserved to be honored with a title the "Little Bilquis" (the Queen of Sheba). She flourished economy and spreading justice throughout country. During her rule, most development sectors had improved especially agriculture and constructions.

In fact, the whole city of Jiblah looks like an open museum for all visitors who come from all over the world to see Yemeni woman's role in human civilizations. He who will see Jiblah city, will not only be impressed with historical sights and green landscapes, but he will also be impressed with Arabian generosity and the most friendly people of Jiblah.







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