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British Council  _ Mentoring Course

  The Mentoring  workshop organized and cascaded by the British Council  in conjunction with the ministry of education .   


Before and After Twitter: Personal  Learning Environment

Graham Stanley British Council Barcelona, Spain

       A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is a flexible system that helps people take control of and manage their own learning. It consists of a number of different tools ( blogs, wikis, social networks, etc) that a teacher or learner chooses, around which he/she builds a group of people that can be turned to for knowledge, help, advice and support. This is the teacher's or learner's Personal Learning Network( PLN) . There has been a considerable rise in the number of English language  teachers using the micro-blogging service Twitter( http://www.twitter.com/), which is an online social network where people express themselves through brief  statements ( called tweets) of no more than 140 characters. This tool has started to make it easier for teachers to manage their own learning and professional  development, and to communicate with others in the     read more

 individual learning differences



Head , Hands and Hearts!   Jane Revell

    We all know by now that mind and body – HEAD and HANDS - are connected. Theories of Accelerated Learning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming have been emphasising their interdependence over the years and Eastern philosophies have been saying so for centuries.

Negative and positive thinking

We know, for example, that when our mind is not OK, when we are thinking ‘negatively’ and are distressed or anxious for long periods of time, that our body responds negatively: those are the times when we tend to get run down physically, are often bothered by various aches and pains and are sometimes ill. We also know that when our head is OK, when we are thinking ‘positively’ and are happy and at peace with ourselves, that our body responds positively: those are the times we tend to be in top physical condition and able to achieve lots of things.     read more 

  Wonderful city with two rivers   By: Adel A. Al-Haddad 

Jiblah is a small city, but deeply it has been rooting in history of Yemeni civilization. Jiblah's reputation appeared with Queen Arwa's fame who got the throne of Sulayhi state.  She reigned from 477 – 532 A.H (1085 – 1138 A.D). Queen Arwa preferred to shift the capital from Sana'a to Jiblah and to be then Jiblah became her capital and the political capital of Yemen in the medieval ages. The Sulayhi State ruled YemenFatimidState in Egypt. from 1064 – 1138 A.D on behalf of the Fatimid State in Egypt .

Jiblah is called the city of two rivers flowing from right and left sides of Jiblah. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Yemen. It is famous for its natural beauty, green meadows and attractive greenery. It has abundant water resources flowing from mountainous water 

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The ' Hi ' Word

Dear colleagues,  

You are welcome to visit and join our TEFL network via this website which, in sha'a Allah, will include and connect a large number of EFL teachers/trainers from all over our beloved country, Yemen

This TEFL network is intended to link and connect as many as possible of the Yemeni EFL educators working either in private or public sectors. Here, we can help each other, exchange experiences, share and update knowledge, face challenges and professional problems, keep in touch with the recent events and professional development opportunities in order to help develop our country.

On behalf of all the group members, I am very happy to open the site for every EFL teacher. So, please, feel free to join us by clicking the ' register' button on your left hand and establish editing your profile to be a member in the ' TEFL in YEMEN ' network. After creating your account, you can invite other teachers to see your own profile site and to be members in the network too. You can also share whatever you like of photos, videos, articles, comments, posts and make them available to everyone in the group. Most importantly, you can express your career problems and your classroom needs too. Also, you can comment and give advice to others when visiting their profiles.

 We'll be pleased of your contributions that, of course, should bring our perspectives forward and aim at improving teacher professional development in Yemen.

So, be the first  and say  ' hi ' ! .


 -  Khaled